Namibia Police Tourist Protection Unit

The Tourist Protection Unit was entrusted with the duties and responsibilities of Protecting and Securing the safe movement and stay of Tourists in Namibia, as well as to attend to crime related complaints committed against Tourist and to investigate them.

It is also the focal point for Tourists visiting Namibia to report their complaints related to crimes/ alleged crimes committed against them and also report their lost and stolen properties.

Outside Entrance
tl_files/pictures/Entrance to Tourist Charge Office.jpg tl_files/pictures/Lounge area.jpg
Entrance to Tourist Charge Office Lounge area
tl_files/pictures/Invesigators Desk.jpg tl_files/pictures/Investigators Desk 2.jpg
Investigators Desk Investigators Desk
tl_files/pictures/Stragetic Planning Desk.jpg tl_files/pictures/A 007.jpg
Strategic Planning Desk Office and Lounge