History Nampol Tourist Unit: Windhoek

During the month of January 2009, there was an outcry and concern raised by different Embassies on the high increase of crime against Tourists in Namibia, especially in Windhoek and surroundings. The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany was one of the main concerned consulates.

This information was then channelled through to the Ministry of Foreign Affaires and to the Ministry of Safety and Security, especially for the consumption of the Namibian Police that is entrusted with the protection of life and properties, prevention of crime and maintaining law and order.


It was against this background that the Inspector-General of the Namibian Police Force gave directives for the establishment of the Namibian Police Tourist Protection Unit in Khomas and Erongo regions respectively.

The Namibian Police Tourist Protection unit was then established on the 20th February 2009 at the Khomas Regional Headquarters, which was officially inaugurated on the 16th November 2009 by Major-General James Tjivikwa.

Deputy Inspector General Administrations: Major General J.B Tjivikua
Deputy Inspector General Administrations: Major General J.B Tjivikua

Soon with the establishment of the unit, consultations with different stakeholders were consolidated, such as Accommodation Establishments, Car rental companies, Namibian Tourism Board, Hospitality Associationr of Namibia, City Police and City of Windhoek Tourism department, to market the units existence and to share information and ideas on how to deal with crime against Tourists.

It was during the same period that the Accommodation Establishments, Embassies, car rental companies and different stakeholders in the tourism indurstry pledged to support our efforts in protecting Tourists.